24 hrs Emergency Care

London Ortho
London Ortho

24 hrs Emergency Care Theatre complex at par with European Standards, Post Graduate training in orthopaedics operating microscopy for surgeries. Sterile ICU Tele radiography. Modern physio unit 24 hrs Pharmacy Ventilator fitted Ambulance Service, Modernised Lab, Canteen Facilities, Imaging Facilities, Out Patient Services, In-Patient services, 24hrs Emergency Services.

Emergency Care: All Trauma patients are received in the emergency department with the team of duty Doctors Trained Nurses emergency Technician and ortho doctors immediately. The emergency ward is provided with adequate facilities which includes 2 beds for minor procedures. Trained duty Doctor's are available round the clock 24X7

Minor Operation Theatre

Emergency departent is provided with well equipped operating tables, Theatre equipment etc., all minor procedures are carried out in MOT during the emergency hours.

Air Condition Theatre is equipped with all the necessary equipments such as

  • Fully air conditioned
  • All emergency life Saving Drugs
  • Full availability of Central Supply of Oxygen, Nitrous oxide and Medical Air and Suction
  • Defibrillator

London Ortho

Theatre Complex

London Ortho

Two Operation Theatres are available with Bacterial Filters. The Orthopaedic Theatre is equipped with Modern Boyles with Ventilator, Alarm System and Multipara Monitors. OT Table is with all the Orthopedic, Fracture, Spine and Neuro attachments and Motorized with remote control. ALM Modular OT light systems are installed STRYKERS copy system is available with all the accessories of advanced arthroscopic precedures and Laparoscopy. Electronic digital tournaent, Power Shaver System, MART in Elecrtocautery with Bipolar and Monopolar attachments. Suction units and c-arm image intensifier is supported with round the clock radiographers are availble.

Operation Theatre is fitted with state of art Lainar air flow for zero bacteria strile facility. We have “ORTHO PILOT” computerized navigator for accurate joint replacement, only one of its kind in this region.

Two Autoclaves (one horizontal 24” by 48” size, other one vertical) is accomodated in designated room with adequate facilities for wash and storage.


ICU is 5 bedded with all required Machineries. It is equipped with 3 ventilators and ICU cots, Monitors, Centralized Oxygen and Vacuum Supply. It is accomodated in OT complex.

London Ortho

Post-Graduate Training

London Ortho


Short term observership for 12 weeks is available for Dr's who wants to get an introduction and hands on Training to ARthroscopy, Joint Replacements. Many educative Training Programme with hands on training for Doctors were conducted and leading doctors were invited to give special lectures.

Our centre has performed more than 5328 Joint Replacement 1824 keyholes (Arthroscopy) Liagent Procedures, 5120 Fracture Surgeries including Shoulder, Paediatric Orthopaedic procedures so far. The learning centre is equipped with a library screw bone models, video resource centre.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance Services are available in the hospital for 24X7 - 365 days. Ambulance service is provided to Trauma Patients as and when required.

For Ambulance Booking Call 91505 89922

The care provider here is to retrieve emergency patient from different areas in and around Salem. The ambulance is equipped with life support system and well-trained Medical Team available for life saving emergencies.

London Ortho

Modern Physio Unit

London Ortho
London Ortho

A State of Art Physiotherapy unit has got experienced physiotherapist and all modalities of traction, heat & massage Therapy equipments are available. CPM Machine, FIR, EMG facilities are also available.


The centre has in-house pharmacy available for 24X7 = 365 days, Air Conditioned and licenced Pharmacy, a team of qualified and well experienced pharacists. Working round a clock. It is well stocked for all the routine and specialized productd with cold storage facility.

Both the out-patients and in-patients are served by the departments. All necessary protocols and guidelines are strictly practiced to render committed and quality service to the patients.

London Ortho

Imaging Facilites

London Ortho
London Ortho

Imaging Department consists of qualified well-trained and experienced radiographers providing services round the clock.

The Department is equipped with
  • Digital Radiography
  • Mobile x-ray unit
  • CT Scan (Toshiba Computerised Axial Tomography Scanning facilities)
  • Echo
  • Ultra Sound Machine


A fully equipped 24hrs Laboratory is functioning with all modern accessories. All types of Biochemistry, Clinical Pathelogy and Micro Biological investigations are done at the centre. The Department Vendor Comprehensive Diagnostics services based upon standard protocols and quality assurance systems

London Ortho

Canteen Facilites

London Ortho

London Ortho Hospital provides a good quality and dietary services based on the nutritional requirements for the recovery of patient.

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