Short term observership for 12 weeks is available for Dr's who wants to get an introduction and hands on Training to ARthroscopy, Joint Replacements. Many educative Training Programme with hands on training for Doctors were conducted and leading doctors were invited to give special lectures.

Our centre has perfored more than 5328 joint Replacement 1824 keyholes (Arthroscopy) liagent procedures, 5120 Fracture surgeries including shoulder, paediatric orthopaedic procedures so far. The learning centre is equipped with a library screw bone models, video resource centre.

Smith & Nephew Fellowship in Arthoplasty

Johnson & Johnson fellowship in Arthroplasty. The centre is internationally recognised as a Training and Teaching Centre for Arthroplasty by Smith & Nephew.

The centre is one of the best centre in India to train Joint Replanceent Surgeries. The centre conducts round the year fellowship training for doctors fro India and abroad.

Clinical Research

Clinical Mission: London Ortho Hospital is committed to being a regional, national, International resources for patient with Sports, Medicine, Arthroplasty, Trauma, Spinal Disorders including those with failed prior treatment. We also aim to function as resource for Orthopaedic Specialists, Non-Orthopaedic Physicians, Physiotherapist and other health care providers who haven't interest in sports medicine Traumatology, Spine Surgery and Arthroplasty.

Academic Teaching Mission: London Ortho Hospital is dedicated to advancing the education on management of orthopaedic disorders for Post-Graduate Fellows and practicing Orthopaedic Specialists visiting faculty, both international and National, regularly lecture and demonstrate the latest technicians in Arthoscopic Surgery and Arthroplasty. Smith & Nephew and Fellowship which provides training for surgeons with special interest in Arthroplasty.

Research Mission

We are fully committed for both clinical and basic research aimed at the developments of new techniques for the management of Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Spine Pathology and Orthopaedic Traumatology. Each expected to complete one clinical research project and paper presentation each year. The fellow is also encouraged to assist in the preparation of Journal articles , manuscripts, book chapter and patient educational material. They are also exposed to seminar of Research & Methodolgy.

Fellow & Observers List
Name OB/FE Period
Dr. Deepak Fellow 1-11-2012 to 30-04-2013
Dr. Chandra Sekaran Fellow 01-06-2011 to 31-12-2011
Dr. Rajesh Observer 15-02-2015
Dr. Harsad Patankar Fellow 01-06-2012 to 31-10-2012
Dr. Suvam Dass Observer 17-08-2012
Dr. Padeep Gandharva Fellow 01-03-2013 to 31-08-2013
Dr. Ram Mohan Fellow 01-03-2013 to 31-08-2013
Dr. Praneeth Observer 14-08-2013
Dr. Krishna Kumar Fellow 01-08-2013 to 31-01-2014
Dr. A. Prakash Fellow 16-08-2013 to 15-08-2013
Dr. B. Vignesh Fellow 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014
Dr. M. Arun Prakash Fellow 01-04-2015
Dr. Mathan Kumar Fellow 01-02-2015
Dr. Gokul Observer
Dr. Sathya Narayanan Fellow

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